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                  中文 EN
                  CORE — Products
                  ABOUT CHUNGUANG — Company Profile
                  Jinhua Chunguang Technology was founded in 2000. It is a national level high-tech R&D and manufacturing company of hose assembly for cleaning appliance.
                  The company headquarter is located in Jinpan Development Zone of Jinhua, it has 3 manufacturing locations in Jinhua, Suzhou and Malaysia.
                  The company's facility area is 80,000 square meters. Thanks to the large scale of the company, it can deliver a fast and comprehensive service for customers around the globe.
                  Chunguang sets “the most professional, the leanest, the best hose company and provide China Great Hose” as a goal. It has ISO9001:2008
                  Quality Management System certification and ISO14000:2004 Environmental Management certification,
                  GB/T 29490-2013 Intellectual Property Management System certification. Chunguang has developed stretch hose,
                  conical hose, electrical wire hose and several more new products to fulfill different requirement for different markets.
                  It is a top company in both annual output and sales in the industry of vacuum cleaner hose, and Chunguang has obtained many invention patents and practical patents.
                  The hose products are environmental friendly and are in accordance with RoHS, PAHs and REACH. Chunguang insists in technology innovation,
                  so it provides good quality product to customers with reasonable price and service. Chunguang also provides its customer the complete solution,
                  and this make the company more competitive.
                  Chunguang has a strong R & D and production capability to develop product accord to customer’s requirement and supply the convenience, reliable hose solution.
                  TIMELINE — The History
                  DYNAMIC — News Center
                  春回大地,草長鶯飛。暖暖的三月,柳芽新綠,萬物復蘇,我們迎來了第 11..
                  平安歸程 暖心相隨—金華春光橡塑科技股份有限公司組織專車歡送外..
                  PARTNER — Service Brand
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